Corporate Philosophy

As a machine tool manufacturer, KURAKI Co., Ltd. supplies products to manufacturing and assembly sites around the world.

Business Areas

The core businesses of our company focuses on the development, manufacturing and sale of “machine tools”. Our product portfolio comprises Horizontal Boring & Milling Machines especially designed for heavy duty machining in large-sized and heavy workpieces. This flagship of our company is offered in various models tailored to the specific customer's requirements.
The technologies developed and refined in the course of the design of these boring mills enabled us to also engage in the manufacture of “special machinery” for high-precision machining and mass production in a wide variety of applications such as automotive engineering, ship building and medical equipment.
These technologies combined from perfect synergies to continuously increase our know-how and experience enabling us to provide manufacturers with highly efficient and high-value machines which frequently lead to the development of innovative products.

Corporate Slogan “Technology for the World”

Our consistent development to improve our products and our 100% commitment to state-of-the-art technology puts us on par with other global companies - now and in the future. The achievements of customers using KURAKI machine tools can be seen from the history of KURAKI Co., Ltd.
In a world of “globalization” and ever-increasing competition, we feel it is our responsibility to continue supplying manufacturers around the world with our efficient 'deep cutting' machines and define our corporate slogan anew. We accept the challenge, with courage and dedication.