AKB Series Japanese high precision and rigidity The AKB incorporates Kuraki’s lengthy historical knowledge as well as today’s technology in manufacturing this highly precise and rigid CNC Horizontal Boring Mill in its KURAKI TAIWAN facility. The AKB series has proven to provide Kuraki quality at a reasonable cost to meet the demands of our worldwide customers. Reliable Japanese Quality born in Taiwan

Reliable Japanese Quality born in Taiwan

In 2011, KURAKI built a new plant in Taiwan for the express purpose of assembling the AKB series machines. This facility was modeled after the newest KURAKI plant in Japan. Rigid ground more than 50t/m2 and the ferroconcrete foundation 1500mm (59.06" in thickness are sufficiently load-capacity and stable environment to assemble large scale machine. Some metals such as steel tend to stretch due to little change of temperature so that the air vent and the ventilation fan completely control air conditioning in the facility for maintaining exact accuracy. The thermometers installed at four part of the facility also catch the temperature difference more than one degree and keep the temperature change a day within plus or minus two degrees and humidity under seventy-five percent. KURAKI’s vast knowledge and experience can be found in every aspect of the machine and its manufacture.

Boring Spindle Structure was developed to maintain
high rigidity and accurate machining

The part of connecting boring and milling spindle has two keys specially formed by KURAKI. The geared headstock provides high torque at low spindle speeds. The spindle coolant system including of grease lubricating and oil-jacket minimizes heat in the headstock and ensures stable and accurate machining for a long period of time.

Two speed gearbox produces high torque at low spindle speeds. Long nose spindle design BIG-PLUS Dual contact spindle system 6000min-1 high spindle speed while maintaining high rigidity! Fixed type spindle(No W-axis) with 37kW(50 HP) high output motor. * AKB-13 6000min-1

Distance between the work-piece and the spindle face
resulting in shorter length of cutting tools maintaining high accuracy

Maximum 90mm(3.54) from Distance from table center to spindle nose

The long spindle nose design and maximizing extended W-axis stroke made distance between the work-piece and the spindle face resulting in shorter length of cutting tools. Cutting capacity is extended without lengthened tools.
6000min-1 spindle makes table overhang 250mm(9.85") and distance from table center to spindle nose 650mm(25.60").

Indexing high accuracy for heavy work pieces

The full 4th axis rotary table can position every 0.001 degree through the computerized control. The smooth and accurate rotation of the rotary table is accomplished through the use of a large diameter way surface and KURAKI engineered lubrication method.

The rotary table can be clamped hydraulically in any position. “A Double Pinion Gear” removes backlash and provides rotation high speed and high accuracy. “B-axis scale feedback” on the rotary table ensures high positioning accuracy. Fixed type locator pin maintains stable and high accuracy positioning every 90 degrees.

AKB series line-up

The AKB offers three different machine configurations to meet different workpiece and machining conditions.Many different options are offered to enhance the utilization of the AKB series in the manufacturing process.Please contact our Sales Department at your convenience to further discuss how we may be of assistance.

standard type
standard type
Boring spindle type Boring spindle
Boring spindle
Fixed type spindle
Spindle speed 5~3000min-1 9~3000min-1 10~6000min-1
Spindle motor AC26kW
(50HP)(S3 25%)
W axis stroke 500mm(19.69") 700mm(27.56") -